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Toshiba Satellite C55 B5202 Laptop Battery

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Toshiba Satellite C55 B5202 Laptop Battery Chennai, Hyderabad
  • Specifications: 
  • Brand: Toshiba
  • Number of Cell: 4 Cell
  • Battery: Li-ion battery
  • Conectivity: Rated at 14.8V (14.4V Compatible) / 2200mAh / 33Wh
  • Compatible Models: Toshiba PA5185U, Satellite L55-B5267 C55-5352 L50-B C50-B-14D C55-B5270 L55T-B5271 C55-B5200 Seies Laptop, Toshiba Satellite C55-B5272 C55-B5287 C55-B5101 L55-B5267 C55-B5100 C55-B5101 C55-B5293 C55-B5295 S55-b5280 S55-b5289 S55-B5292 S55T-B5233 S55T-B5234 C55T-B5102 C55T-B5109 E45-B4100 Series, also Compatible with Toshiba PA5195U-1BRS Satellite C50 C50-B C50-B031D C50-B03E C55-A5105 C55-B5170 C55-B5296 C55-B5299 C55-B5353 C55-B5355 C55-5241 C55-B5302 L55T-B5330 C55D
  • Compatible Models:
  • Toshiba Satellite C50-B C50D C50T C55 C55D C55L C55T L50 L55 L55D L55DT L55T P55 P55T S40 S50T S55 S55T Series
  • Partial Models List(not all listed):
  • C50-B C50-B-02Y C50-B031D C50-B03E C50-B-14D C50-B-14Z C50-B-IIL C50D-B C50T-B C55 C55-5241 C55-5352 C55-A-1D5 C55-A-1N0 C55-A5105 C55-A5300 C55-B C55-B5100 C55-B5101 C55-B5115KM C55-B5116KM C55-B5117KM C55-B5142 C55-B5161 C55-B5166KM C55-B5167KM C55-B5170 C55-B5196 C55-B5200 C55-B5201 C55-B5202 C55-B5270 C55-B5272 C55-B5287 C55-B5292 C55-B5293 C55-B5295 C55-B5296 C55-B5298 C55-B5299 C55-B5300 C55-B5302 C55-B5353 C55-B5355 C55-B5362 C55-C5123 C55-C5135 C55-C5201K C55-C5202K C55-C5206S C55-C5207S C55-C5208K C55-C5212K C55-C5213K C55-C5219K C55-C5241 C55D C55D-A-13U C55D-A5240NR C55D-A5304 C55D-B C55D-B5102 C55D-B5160 C55D-B5203 C55D-B5206 C55D-B5212 C55D-B5214 C55D-B5219 C55D-B5221K C55D-B5241 C55D-B5242 C55D-B5244 C55D-B5308 C55D-B5310 C55D-B5319 C55L C55T C55T-B C55T-B5102 C55T-B5109 C55T-B5110 C55T-B5230 C55T-B5330 C55T-B5349 C55T-C5300 E45-B4100 L50-B L55 L55-B L55-B5163RM L55-B5176WM L55-B5177SM L55-B5178RM L55-B5179SM L55-B5181SM L55-B5184RM L55-B5184WM L55-B5191SM L55-B5192SM L55-B5237 L55-B5254 L55-B5255 L55-B5267 L55-B5276 L55-B5284 L55-B5288 L55-B5294 L55-B5338 L55-B5357 L55-B5394 L55-B5396 L55-C5183 L55-C5203R L55-C5211R L55-C5220S L55-C5272 L55-C5335S L55-C5336S L55-C5340 L55-C5346BL L55-C5346BR L55-C5346PL L55D L55D-B5162RM L55D-B5238 L55D-B5260RM L55D-B5320 L55D-B5364 L55D-B5380RM L55D-C5204R L55DT-B5144 L55DT-B5175SM L55DT-B5268RM L55DT-B5380RM L55DT-C5205S L55DT-C5209S L55DT-C5238 L55T L55T-B5164WM L55T-B5172SM L55T-B5188 L55T-B5257W L55T-B5271 L55T-B5278 L55T-B5330 L55T-B5334 L55T-B5382SM S55-B5203 S55-C5247 S55-B5280 S55-B5289 S55-B5292 S55-C5274 S55T S55T-B5152 S55T-B5233 S55T-B5234 S55T-B5273
  • Compatible Part Numbers:
  • PA5186U-1BRS PA5185U-1BRS PA5184U-1BRS PA5195U-1BRS